21.01.2011 Australia, Northern Territory, New South Wales, Sydney, Victoria, Melbourne, Adelaide

Australia Travel Vacation: Australia's Many Festivals

It has been said before, and remains true: A city festival makes a great setting for an Australia travel vacation. Festivals are extraordinary events, bringing together great food, outstanding entertainment, first-class accommodations and a party-like atmosphere where people can mix and mingle with newly found friends, or lose themselves in the press of the crowd of strangers just for the thrill of being amid so many excited people.

Australia’s cities have a number of unique festivals, each with its own regional flair while still retaining that strange sense of cheerful unity that makes Australia what it is.

There’s the Sydney Festival itself each January. Mingling the visual and performing arts such as street theater, film, music and dance, it is a cultural event without peer. It lasts a full three weeks every year, putting the absolute best of Sydney on display.

The Melbourne Food and Wine Festival puts the best of Aussie cuisine out for people to enjoy during the cool Australian March season. The reason for Australia’s well-deserved fame in wine making becomes readily apparent when paired off against the delicious food of this marvelous event.

For a more intellectual but no less party-minded event, there’s the Adelaide Writer’s Week. While it might sound obscure, this gathering is the largest literary event in the entire world. Writers both famous and new to the scene meet up for a chance to rub shoulders with publishers, producers of plays, screenwriters and other members of the elite Australian literary set. Those with a love of a festive atmosphere and the written word will find this the perfect event for a vacation experience.

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