27.07.2010 Australia, Melbourne

When considering the destination for your Australia honeymoon vacation, don’t forget the supremely romantic locale of Melbourne. Home to exquisite hotels, a thriving arts and culture scene, a beautifully scenic riverfront and situated amid some of Australia’s most beautiful wine country, Melbourne is an outstanding choice for a romantic honeymoon getaway. Just three days in the Melbourne area will provide delights and adventures that you’ll be talking about for a lifetime.

For the first day, there’s the city itself, full of activities to spark whatever interests you. Consider the Queen Victoria Market, where you can find any number of gifts or items to commemorate your visit. There’s the arthaus scene amid the Laneway area, offering you the choice between artistic galleries showcasing exciting new styles or live jazz performances to share a drink over. In the evening, there’s all manner of food ranging from local specialties to expatriate diners and cafés to choose from, ensuring that you won’t go hungry for want of quantity or variety.

On day two, you should continue your exploration of the city, moving to the riverside areas and the beaches. There are a number of cultural enclaves in Melbourne, showing it off as one of the truly multicultural cities of the world. Or if sun and fun are more your speed, there’s a spectacular surfing and sunbathing culture down at St. Kilda Beach. There’s always room for newcomers to have a go at any kind of surfing, and it makes for great picture opportunities when building those critical honeymoon memories. In the evening, consider seeing a ballet or artistic demonstration at the Arts Centre to round out the day’s events.

A good honeymoon isn’t complete without a visit to Melbourne’s beautiful wine country, so for your third day consider hiring a car to head out and visit the Mornington Peninsula. Vineyards and olive groves alike abound, and are replete with caretakers eager to show you the finest of their product as you tour the gorgeous countryside and relax before preparing for the return trip.

So whatever your fancy, Melbourne has an attraction for you. As destinations go, there are few places in the world as exciting as Australia, and Melbourne promises to deliver a romantic time for couples of any inclination.


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