02.07.2010 Australia, Queensland, Great Barrier Reef

The magnificent reefs around Australia make up a great part of the country’s outstanding natural beauty, so for many travelers, ideal luxury travel tours include reef sailing excursions. These are much more intimate experiences than large cruises can provide, focusing on a small scale and personal adventure sure to leave the visitor with fond and exciting memories.

Such tours are available for single-day excursions around the reefs, and include a number of facets designed to delight. First there’s the experience of sailing itself — traveling under the power of the wind and the current is a powerful event and can help foster both a love of and respect for the strength of the sea and the genius required to easily navigate it. These trips often take place on elegantly-appointed catamaran ships, allowing voyagers to experience the water up close. Many of the crews are delighted to explain the workings of their vessels, and more than a few visitors have enjoyed the chance to catch a bit of healthy sunshine on the way to their destination.

Speaking of destinations, the real stars of the tours are the breathtaking reefs. The clear waters off the Australian coast allow for incredible views from above, but such an experience only creates a desire to be closer. Many sailing tours include snorkeling , allowing the guests to dive right into the water and see the masses of teeming wildlife circulating among the many corals and rocks below.

Of course, no day out would be complete without a wonderful seagoing meal. Such voyages often include freshly-cooked food prepared right on deck by trained staff.  The best also include samples of Australia’s famous wines and champagnes, as well as expertly-stocked bars.

The natural wonders of Australia are absolutely magnificent, and not to be missed. For a chance to explore one of the largest reefs in the world, a catamaran reef sailing tour is the ticket.

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