18.02.2011 Australia, New South Wales, Sydney, Victoria, Melbourne

Australia Luxury Vacation – Australian Theatre

An Australia luxury vacation is about more than pampering the body – it is about indulging the mind and spirit just as thoroughly. First-class accommodations are a must and cannot be compromised on, but once the lodgings are settled and delicious meals arranged, the soul desires a feast and a delight all its own, and this is where the legendary Australian culture takes in. Australia has a one-of-a-kind theatre movement, having grown up in a specialized isolation from the world. This allowed the actors to build their own style of performance.

There’s the Sydney Theatre Company, which offers amazing first-class productions ranging from experimental small theatre to grand and bombastic visions of established theatre classics. Actress Cate Blanchett is involved in many productions, either as an actor or director, lending her experienced touch to a number of shows.

For those with a song in their heart, Melbourne is the place to be. This city has gained a reputation as the musical capital of Australia, and the reputation is well-earned. Cats, Phantom, Les Miserables — all of these famous musicals are frequently on display, as are shows such as Sweeney Todd and more modern productions.

For those who like their plays in operatic fashion, there is, of course, the legendary Sydney Opera House, renowned the world over for its layout and acoustics. But there is also Adeleide’s Festival Centre, which hosts some of the best independently-performed Operas in Australia.

So, for those with a love of theatre and luxurious vacations, Australia is clearly the place to be. There is always a show being performed, and if a holidaymaker has a tour in mind rather than a stay in one city, then going from production to production and splendid hotel to hotel is surely one of the better touring ideas that can be arranged in this country born from a dream.

Australia Luxury Vacation: Tthe Summer of Cricket