02.02.2011 Australia, South Australia, Adelaide

Australia Family Vacation - WOMAdeleide

The music festival called WOMAdeleide is a perfect chance to have a wonderful Australia family vacation. Australia is famous for its music fests, and Adeleide’s yearly festival is known as one of the best. Every family can find something to do, whether it is attending a concert together or splitting up to enjoy the many differing venues. The whole thing takes place in the beautiful, luxurious Botanical National Park, showcasing the local beauty amid all the comforts the city has to offer.

There really is a diversity of musical choices to be had at WOMAdeleide. The festival organizers proudly seek out representations of every musical tradition they can. Past festivals have hosted local music in the form of home-grown artists and aboriginal performers, as well as international shows featuring Latin jazz, Spanish soul and French hip-hop. Every taste of music will find something satisfying at the show, and performances range from small, in-tent jam sessions to large, open-air concerts.

Of course, the music isn’t the only part of the festival. Travelers need to eat, and there is plenty of food on display at the show. Vendors and chefs offer food both local and international fare throughout the day, from actual sit-down meals to drinks served at concerts. The Taste the World tent is a particular treat, offering an expo of many cultures. Visitors can sample cuisines from many different countries, or try exotic fusion dishes that mingle traditions into unique combinations.

There are even events that get the visitors involved and participating in the show. Dancing classes ranging from swing to salsa, yoga for those who want to listen to the music while relaxing and engaging their mind and body and full-service wine tasting events all combine to provide beautiful and enjoyable complements to the experience of Australia’s most delightful musical event.

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