05.10.2010 Australia, New South Wales

Some of the most enjoyable Australia adventure vacations are those that take advantage of the majestic scenery and varied terrain of Australia — and the best of these are walking tours such as those through Six Foot Track in New South Wales. This trail is 45 kilometers long, and is most often taken in a three-day walking tour that allows great distances to be covered in comfortable fashion. The tour shows off vistas such as cliffs and waterfalls, and allows travelers to have a close look at the Australian wildlife such as kangaroos and wallabies.

The first day of the trip takes visitors from the town of Katoomba to the great Megalong Valley. The tour begins at the Explorer’s Tree, where famous travelers carved their initials in generations past. The journey through this portion of the walk travels through beautiful forests of peppermint trees and over vast cliffs. There are also numerous chances to explore the aboriginal heritage of Australia here, such as the legends of the settlers and aboriginal peoples’ cricket matches.

Megalong Valley leads to the next portion of the journey toward Cox’s River. Visitors can enjoy the sight of Scribbly Bark trees. These are trees covered in unusual markings, caused by larva feeding beneath the bark, and can be beautiful to look at. Then often comes a picnic on the bank of Cox’s River itself, and many choose to take a refreshing dip while enjoying the sights.

Finally, it’s up over Mini Saddle and the Black Range toward the Jenolan Caves. The Black Range is the highest elevation in the region, and has absolutely amazing, breathtaking sights to behold. The caves also are amazing, as they are home to symphonies of sound and “concerts” that guests can enjoy in the comfort of the elemental darkness.

Finally, after days of hard travel and camping-style accommodations, there are comfortable and soothing hotels to bed down in at the end of the journey.

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