04.10.2010 New Zealand

Tranz Alpine Train
The key part of luxury travel vacations is the travel, and there are a number of different ways to explore the exciting island nation of New Zealand. Exotic as it might seem to first-time travelers, New Zealand still boasts a highly modern and developed infrastructure of roads, railways and airways for visitors to take advantage of. For every remote and beautiful destination awaiting a vacationing couple or family, there is a well-appointed and comfortable means of getting there.

Driving: New Zealand has a highly-developed road network, which is essential for a country that has more land mass than the entire United Kingdom. Options are available for roadway transport in many different modes. Self-guided options include bicycle or motorcycle choices in the open air, high-class luxury sedans for swift and ideal travel and even well-appointed campers and caravans for the family that wants to take their lodgings with them. Alternately, guests can hire a driver to guide them around the country.

Trains: There also is an excellent railway network stretching across the country, and there are a number of luxury train journeys available to visitors. Private cabins can be rented for people who wish to balance their personal privacy with the chance to meet other guests. Passengers can sample fine food and wine in the dining car and mingle with travelers from New Zealand and places beyond in complete comfort before retiring to the ease of their stateroom for a nap.

Air: Chartered flights, helicopter rides and even hot air balloons are an option for guests looking to get above it all and spend some time admiring the scenery from on high. With airports positioned in a number of places, not one part of New Zealand is more than a few hours of convenient travel from any other.

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