19.06.2010 New Zealand, South Island, Queenstown

Sometimes a good, luxurious vacation is all about a great, evocative location. Located just outside Queenstown, New Zealand, the Matakauri Lodge offers just such a vital amenity. While temporarily closed for renovations, the Lodge is now taking reservations for its August 27th reopening date.

As mentioned, the location could not be more incredible. Situated on the hillside facing Lake Wakatipu, Matakauri is a mere seven minutes from downtown Queenstown. Even so, the setting is completely natural, set into the hills and trees of the area and allowing some of the most spectacular views to be had in the world. Whether you enjoy spring expanses or winter snowscapes, Matakauri’s landscape will delight.

The guest facilities are divided into suites spread out between the Lodge facilities and several outlying cottages, offering a choice between complete privacy and comfortable interaction with other guests. The Lodge boasts a dining hall, additional indoor and outdoor dining opportunities, luxury spa facilities and a fitness center with a swimming pool. The suites are arranged in several different styles, but each offers a private porch, oversized bathing installations and multiple fixtures for couples.

Being situated on one of New Zealand’s most beautiful lakes, the resort offers connections to a variety of wonderful experiences on the water. Guests can arrange to go canoeing or jet boating on the nearby rivers if they’re eager for a traveling experience. Those of a more reflective bent can take advantage of the spectacular fishing opportunities.

Or if the water isn’t necessarily your thing, there are nature walks and mountain biking opportunities. Those with a sporting attitude also can take advantage of the nearby golf course, whether for a solo experience or a competitive trip with new friends from the lodge. For those who aren’t satisfied unless their blood gets going, there are also exquisite bungee jumping facilities nearby as well.

Whatever experience you’re seeking for your next luxury travel package, Matakauri Lodge is sure to offer something that can appeal to the luxury-minded.

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