17.06.2010 Australia

If you’re looking for a luxury Australian or New Zealand vacation that lets you sample some of the best delights these countries have to offer, Wine Tours Australia and New Zealand has a can’t-miss lineup. The group offers a wide variety of tour options, all specialized for their customers’ wishes.

For those seeking a brief, introductory experience, the Australia side of the journey features Short Wine Tours. These three-day experiences include meet and greets with a personal tour guide, travels through the heart of one of Australia’s major wine regions, cellar-door sampling experiences and a lavish food and wine spread intended to help travelers get the most out of their trip. Upon request, these short tours can be expanded if the vacationers decide they’d like to have a broader experience.

For those eager to have a longer journey into the winemaking world of these countries, there are the Wine Highlights tours. These are extraordinary two-week affairs, similar to the short tours but encompassing multiple regions. Highlights of these vacation packages include trips to each of the major winemaking valleys, frequent tastings, dining at some of the best local restaurants around and a number of associated bits of fun along the way, such as a cruise from Queenstown to Walter Peak.

Last, but certainly not least, are Australia’s Ultimate City Tours, a part of the wine tasting experience that chooses to focus on the wine experience in one of the country’s biggest cities. Tours exist for Sydney, Cairns, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide, Alice Springs, Ayers Rock and Darwin, giving a wide variety of options for whatever region of Australia people are most captivated by. The tours are two- or three-day affairs, mixing personal exploration time with deep insights into the history and cuisine of the city of choice.

All in all, a good wine tour is an experience not to be missed, and a traveler’s life is not complete without such a tour of Australian or New Zealand.


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