12.01.2011 New Zealand, South Island, Christchurch

Explore with Canterbury Trails

New Zealand adventure vacations are some of the most exciting trail journeys in the world, and few are as exciting as those offered by Canterbury Trails based in Christchurch. Canterbury Trails presents unique experiences that cater to the small group eager for a firsthand, locally-informed tour. Offering a number of tour options, Canterbury Trails showcases the best that New Zealand has to offer.

“Arrive as guests, leave as friends,” the group’s site claims. The Canterbury Trails crew means it, too. They listen closely to what their guests are interested in, and craft the journeys to their visitors’ expectations. They have set paths they like to show off, but they offer suggestions and make adjustments to fit their guests’ expectations and are never too busy with a pre-written script to take a moment and pursue an interesting aside as the journey unfolds.

Tours cover a whole range of topics sure to leave guests fascinated with and educated by the New Zealand culture and environment. Tours go into every topic available, including Maori native mythology and culture, the history of New Zealand’s European settlers and the details of the geology and ecology that makes New Zealand a wonderland of natural treasures.

Tours are available for a number of timeframes, suited to anyone eager to explore the island. There’s the day tour, suitable for people traveling all over the island and only in Christchurch for a day. For guests with more time to spare, the 9-day tour offers a journey across much of the South Island, giving a chance to really get to know and become friends with the local guide. Then there are the deluxe 14-day tours. This two-week extravaganza will net travelers a friend for life, and while it still will only be able to share a fraction of the wonders this island has to offer, the memories it will create will surely last a lifetime.

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