13.01.2011 Australia, New South Wales, Sydney

Australia Travel Vacations: Sydney Festival

A key part of any Australia travel vacation is finding exciting and enlightening things to do while traveling. The luxury and comfort of a wonderful hotel certainly is a fine thing, but it becomes even more wonderful after a day spent enjoying the finery and sites of the city it is set against. Festivals, in particular, hold an allure all their own, creating a combination of activities and fine dining that are sure to create absolutely precious memories, and the Sydney Festival is just one such event worth traveling for.

The festival is home to a number of events that will meet everyone’s needs and exceed their expectations.

The theatre of Australia is on display front and center; national, international and local groups perform in plays ranging from one-act comedy spots to serious and involved dramas. Classic and contemporary come together to create a wonderful experience of high culture.

Music is another fundamental part of any festival, and the Sydney Festival is no different. Musicians encompassing all the arts from Jazz to hip hop and beyond have their talents on display. Music fills the air from venue to venue, and concerts are readily available all day and night.

See Sydney’s own film festival during the Festival proper, with some of the finest independent films in the world brought together for those eager to take some time off their feet.

There are even special events set aside, with some put out specifically for families, those looking for free experiences or even an extra set of events tailored for those with “about an hour.” These last are wonderful for filling time between longer events, and range from arts and dance expos to samples and classes of the unique and wonderful Australian cuisine for which Sydney is rightfully famous the world over.

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