22.11.2010 Australia, Western Australia

El Questro Homestead is the greatest Australian luxury vacation destination for those travelers that want to get in touch with the wilderness around them.

While Australia is well-known for its outback experiences and famous for the Great Barrier Reef’s exquisite beach scenes, El Questro combines the full wilderness experience with absolute luxury. This is where you can combine your desire for indoor luxury with the extreme nature of the outback.

El Questro is surrounded by Australia’s rugged Kimberly landscape, though the resort stands completely in contrast to the beauty that surrounds it. Visitors can spend the day exploring the natural landscape and spend their nights relaxing in a luxury suite featuring of the amenities.

This place has everything. Nature lovers can bask in the thermal Zebedee Springs or nestle up under an ancient boab tree with a book. If you prefer to watch animals in their natural habitats, you can join the local wallabies while you sit back in the shade. With lush tropical gardens surrounding you, the Homestead is the ideal Australian luxury vacation for families. It has a swimming pool and tennis court that is just for the Homestead guests to use.

With a full day hiking and exploring behind you, you can end your day by dining on the region’s best in gourmet cuisine. Whether you want to eat above a cliff or you prefer to picnic in the wilderness, they have you covered. Even though the Homestead is only open from April to October, this is one Australian luxury vacation that you will not want to miss out on.

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