29.12.2010 Australia, Northern Territory

Australian Family Vacations — Bullo River Station

Remote locations with their own special charm are a central feature of many Australian family vacations. Getting the whole family away from the hustle of crowded urban areas to a place where everyone can unwind by reading, talking with the locals, enjoying regional delicacies and touring the countryside is just about the ideal experience for some. Located in Australia’s Northern Territory about 400 miles from Darwin, Bullo River Station is one such destination and a spot coveted for familial getaways and reunions.

The Tropical North of Australia is host to two seasons: the dry and the wet. During the wet season, around December and January, Bullo River is closed because of heavy rains. This leaves the station open during the dry season, but don’t let the name discourage. This season features cool summer nights and warm days, perfect for lazy mornings, fun-filled afternoons and festive evenings.

The beauty of Australia is on display on all of Bullo River’s 500,000-acre property. Wildlife abounds, from the local species of crocodile to wallabies, native and migratory birds and many other animals. The local flora is beautiful, too, with plants of all sorts to captivate the eyes and the senses during the gorgeous days.

The accommodations are simple but comfortable, with well-made furnishings. Of particular note is the lack of televisions or telephones — Bullo River is place to escape from being tied down, and guests here take their privacy seriously. The food is some of Australia’s best, served in simple and delicious fashion after being cooked over open grills. Dinnertimes are memorable events, with staff and guests mingling among each other and sharing stories of their homes, experiences and professions.

The experience at Bullo is ideal for a modest family get-together or reunion. Friendly staff and a beautiful backdrop combine to create an unforgettable experience centered purely on relaxation and freedom from any pointless distractions.

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