10.06.2010 Fiji A lively summer festival or street fair is a great ways to soak up local culture, try new foods and hear cool music. The only problem is that once you’ve visited the festivals your city has to offer a time or two, the whole idea becomes a bit passé. So why not hit the festival circuit in Fiji? In addition to being visually stunning, Fiji has a rich and unique cultural history celebrated in summer festivals unlike anything you’ve ever seen in your hometown. While known for being reserved and peaceful, Fijians love to throw a good party. In the idyllic city of Nadi, the Bula festival gets the party started on June 26th through July 3rd. The Bula festival turns Nadi’s serene setting on its head with all-night parties, parades and beauty pageants, a staple of Fiji celebrations. “Bula” is the Fiji term for local marketplaces filled with things to buy, from jewelry to fresh fruit. These lively centers inspired this long-running festival. Nadi is not without its luxuries, either. With world-renowned mud baths and high-end resorts, Nadi is a great place to party and recharge while enjoying only the best luxury travel. The country’s biggest carnival is the Hibiscus Festival in Suva. This eight-day party kicks off on August 20th. Originally started as a small-time beauty pageant in 1957, the Hibiscus Festival has grown into a major event. In addition to the pageant, which now has the big-time feel of Miss America meets American Idol, the Hibiscus Festival features numerous parades packed with elaborate handmade floats, music by local Fijian performers and treats with an island flavor. While in Suva, take a break from the party scene and enjoy a massage at one of the local spas before dancing until dawn. The country has dozens more events year-round. From the Sugar Festival to the World Music Festival, Fiji has a party for festival fanatics in every season. Booking your South Pacific vacation package during one of the region’s amazingly colorful celebrations is a great way to get your festival fix.

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