23.09.2010 Australia, Queensland, Great Barrier Reef

Hayman Island - Great Barrier ReefSpectacular accommodations are an important part of the finest Australian luxury vacations. Travelers who want the very best in high class creature comforts and enjoyable activities would have a hard time doing better than the outstanding Hayman Villas. Proudly calling themselves one of the leading hotels of the world, Hayman is an ideal destination for the sharp-eyed, keen-minded vacationers intent on getting the absolute most out of their Australian vacation experience.

The facilities are divided up by wings, with each wing situated according to a particular view or setting. The retreat wing is set among the local flora, showing off gorgeous plant and tree varieties. The pool wing naturally overlooks the Hayman’s pools, while the Lagoon wing has a view of the Lily Lagoon and gardens. The beach wing overlooks neighboring islands. Penthouses are set among each wing, as well. In short, there’s a vista and a setting for people of every taste and inclination.

Hayman also offers fine dining experiences, boasting nine different types of cuisine for their guests to choose from. These include local seafood, European, Mediterranean and Oriental menus, as well as dining in kitchen-specific locations, mingling at the Pool Bar or relaxing in the Club lounge. In addition, much of the food is supplemented by the very best choices from the famous local Australian wines.

Of course, there is plenty else to do besides relax and eat at the Hayman. There’s a full-feature luxury spa, allowing patrons to indulge their physical and mental health to the utmost, including revitalizing treatments for the body and soul alike. The resort also has a fully-appointed golf course and offers a host of water-based activities centered on the nearby Great Barrier Reef, including swimming lessons, diving opportunities and the chance to kayak along the seas.

Hayman Villas truly has something for everyone who comes to visit this fine resort. Whether intending a solo vacation to relax and escape a busy life or a romantic getaway following a whirlwind courtship, travelers will not go wrong in adding this wonderful location to their itinerary.

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