25.11.2010 Australia, South Australia, Kangaroo Island

Australian Luxury Vacation-Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island in Southern Australia offers the perfect mixture of white sandy beaches, folksy prairies and wilderness retreats. When you are thinking of the best Australian luxury vacation package for you to indulge in during your next travel experience, you do not want to miss out on the magnificent Kangaroo Island.

Kangaroo Island — KI to the locals — is host to some of Australia’s most famous animals and you can see them all. A KI wilderness tour is perfect if you are looking to hike alongside exotic animals of the region such as kangaroos, koala bears, sea lions and pelicans. During your wilderness time, you can wander through amazing cliffs, extremely dense forestry, wetlands and towering sand dunes. At only 155 km in length, you can see the whole island when you go with KI’s Australian luxury vacation.

If you are more the type to want to lounge around on a beautiful and refreshingly white sandy beach, you won’t find one better suited to your tastes than in KI. The sea life is spectacular to witness and the activities never end. You also can cure your hunger pains by eating some of KI’s rich gourmet meals made up from the region’s best. Southern Australia’s fine wines will cap off your exquisite dining experience. KI long has been a premier wildlife destination for anyone that wants to do outdoor activities like hiking and exploring the rich forestry.

Don’t think that your authentic Australian luxury vacation package ends with wildernesses, forestry and beaches. If you are a cultured traveler, KI also consists of a rich history, fine arts community and many different places for you to lay your head at night. From a quaint cottage to a chic retreat, you can spend your nights in absolute luxury and surrounded by some of the richest landscape on the earth. There is a reason why Australian wildlife became so famous. The animals that are indigenous only add to the excitement. There is plenty to see and do at KI.

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