26.01.2011 Australia, Northern Territory

Australia Travel VacationAustralia travel vacations are all about seeing the sights, exploring the country and having an adventurous experience while in the comfort of pure luxury. The Northern Territory is one of Australia’s largest states, and holds many unique attractions for the travel-minded vacationer — many of which are accessible by luxury-equipped travel accommodations.

First and foremost is the city of Darwin. Possibly an entire vacation in itself, Darwin is a great place to begin exploring the Northern Territory. A self-described “melting pot of food and culture,” the city has a unique and exciting history to explore, with stories from World War II and beyond. A number of museums and art galleries exist to be explored, as do restaurants ranging from cozy cafes to extravagant establishments.

Ranging outside Darwin are the Northern Territory’s starkly beautiful national parks. Arnhem land in particular is a place of excitement. Owned in totality by local aboriginal people, the park encourages visitors to fish from the cliff side, visit thriving aboriginal communities and learn about the native culture going back to a time the locals simply call the Dream.

There also is the outback community of Alice Springs, a place made for exploration and adventure. First on the list should be a four wheel drive tour, many of which are available with luxury SUVs that make all the difference while exploring the beautiful, vast terrain of the Outback. For those eager for a bit of exercise, bushwalking and even biking tours can also be arranged in order to explore this exciting place.

Perhaps the most iconic portion of the Northern Territory, however, is the vast monument Uluru. Rising nearly 350 meters from the desert floor, this huge rock formation stands at the center of much aboriginal mythology and culture. A native guide is often available to offer a tour of the rocks, sharing stories going back thousands of years and offering an insight into the mystical heritage of Australia.

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