27.01.2011 Australia, Western Australia, Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia

Australia Family Vacations - Whale Watching

One way that Australia family vacations really shine is that they can be a great chance to combine family fun and excitement with a surprisingly educational experience. During the midst of the Australian “winter” between May and August, whale watching fills just such a niche. Families from all over the world travel to Australia to get a glimpse of these creatures, sailing with experienced guides who are all too happy to share their expertise on the life habits and unique ecology of these beautiful creatures.

There are several whale species that can be observed during whale watching season in Australia. The first are the humpback whales, known for their distinctive, craggy appearance and mournful whale song. Spotting humpbacks is always a pleasure, particularly if they’re in a playful mood. In such circumstances, the whales frequently slap the water with their giant tails, or even leap out and breach with gigantic splashes. The other common species are the southern right whales, bottlenose dolphins — even the rare and gigantic blue whales.

There are many places along the Australian coast that a family on vacation can enjoy whale watching. Western Australia is very popular around the June-August timeframe, and has seen sightings of every whale type that is popular to watch. Tasmania and New South Wales, on the other hand, tend to offer more opportunities for whale watching earlier in the season, particularly May and June. Meanwhile, Victoria and South Australia are good for the entire season from May to October, and Queensland tends to specialize in sightings toward the latter period of the year.

Whenever one chooses to go, there is plenty to see and learn on a whale watching family vacation. The yachts that can be chartered for these excursions often are at the pinnacle of the luxury vacation experience, offering their own unique shipboard food and entertainment experiences. Alternatively, there are also popular whale-watching cruises for a more big-party experience.

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