26.06.2010 Australia, New South Wales, Blue Mountains

Wolgan Valley Resort is offering a delightful, all-inclusive Australian luxury vacation package sure to tempt and delight winter travelers. Available during the Australian wintertime (between May and August), this vacation is designed just for the sort of person who enjoys a relaxing combination of experiences combined with first-class service and extraordinary facilities.

The vacation encompasses two nights in the resort’s outstanding Heritage Suites. These suites are designed with exquisite, intimate comfort in mind. Each has its own indoor private pool and miniature garden that are climate-controlled for a relaxing soak in any weather. Stone and wood construction combined with comfortable furnishings create a sense of cozy privacy, while broad windows and extras like binoculars allow guests to gaze out on the surroundings to their heart’s content.

But the experience doesn’t stop at the comfortable rooms. Guests who avail themselves of this package also are given access to breakfast, lunch and dinner for both days, as well as unlimited access to all the non-alcoholic drinks the resort provides. In addition, port is offered in the evenings for a relaxing, luxurious treat at the end of the day.

During the daytime, guests are invited to participate in two of the resort’s nature-based activities each day, as well. For those with an eye for nature and its beauty, these sojourns are a delightful way to fill the daylight hours. They include historical tours, horseback riding, mountain biking, nature walks — even an exciting safari.

Of course, no vacation is complete without a truly luxurious food experience, and Wolgan Valley seeks to deliver here as well for each of its guests. Participants in the winter escape will have the chance to delight in some of Australia’s finest wines and cheeses at a tasting dinner. Mixing and mingling with other lovely company is always a joyful part of a good vacation, and there are few icebreakers as good as wine and tasty treats.

In short, while summer might seem to be the traditional time to explore Australia, the country has some exquisite delights to offer at Wolgan Valley during the cooler months of the year.

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