09.08.2010 Australia, Australian Capital Territory, Canberra

In Australia, those lucky enough to be on family vacations have one major problem: deciding what to do next. There are many exciting things to take in, especially in the big cities such as Canberra, the Australian capital. Fortunately, Australia has grown quite accustomed to a thriving tourist trade and has a number of tours and activities that can be experienced as a group. In particular, Poacher’s Trail is a prized tour of the food and wine country surrounding Canberra, and can be an outstanding adventure for a family just looking to relax together as they experience sights, bites and delights.

There are more than 140 vineyards and 33 wineries in the countryside surrounding Canberra. They produce grapes and wines of all varietals, including chardonnay, Shiraz, pinot and more. A good tour through these can be had on foot or on horseback, and the guides will eagerly explain how the local conditions alter the tastes, and how two bottles of shiraz from the same country can taste so different just based on which side of the hills the grapes grew on.

Of course, the best part of wine is pairing it with different foods, and the Poacher’s Trail has a number of small diners, sit-down restaurants and tasty cafés for just such a need. The wineries also have their own food shoppes in some cases, allowing people to pair the offerings right on site. This includes one vintner who cheerfully prepares brick oven pizza to go with his wines, a delightful pairing to be sure.

All along the way, of course, there are the expected art galleries, private shops and showcases for visitors to explore and look through. Memories can be made and souvenirs purchased to bring home, and an unexpected joy might result when discovering an artist the whole family admires. At the end of the day, the trail offers many historic homestead or bed and breakfast lodgings to comfortably bed down in, to recall the wonders of a delightful trip.

Australia Family Vacation – Three Things to do in Canberra