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Overview Destinations
Days 1 - 2 | Sydney
Day 3 | Port Douglas > St Crispins Reef
Day 4 | St Crispins Reef > Ribbon Reef number 3
Days 5 - 6 | Northern Ribbon Reefs number 9 & 10
Day 7 | Northern Ribbon Reef number 10 > Lizard island
Day 8 | Lizard island > Wolgan Valley
Day 8-12 | Wolgan Valley
Day 12 | Wolgan Valley > Sydney
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Each year, during the months of June and July, the Dwarf Minke Whales enter their winter playground of the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Great Barrier Reef – a vast and spectacular ecosystem with one of the world’s most unique collections of biodiversity.  Discover the beauty of the ocean’s most inquisitive creatures and experience the awe of connecting with another species in one of the world’s natural wonders. Your encounter with these incredible mammals is guided by dive masters who are experts of the Dwarf Minke Whale, and strive every day for their protection. This experience is one the planet’s most captivating and memorable encounters with Mother Nature.

Luxury Yacht Charter M/Y SPIRIT

The only place on Earth where you can swim with Dwarf Minke Whales

Little is still known about the pocket-sized whale but the Great Barrier Reef is the only known predictable aggregation in the world and the only place where people are able to swim alongside this majestic creature. Sometimes likened to a dolphin, Dwarf Minke Whales are highly manoeuvrable and acrobatic and are known to occasionally breach. If you’re lucky you may witness uncommon behaviours such as a head rise, where the whale rises vertically, exposing its snout above the surface; or the spy-hop – the same move but with its eyes above the surface creating a unique in-water experience. Imagine the goosebumps moment when a creature around four-times your size comes within mere metres of contact and look at you eye-to-eye. That  mutual acknowledgement of another living creature transcends all species and language barriers – a moment so incredible that it will stick with you for ever.

Journey Overview

12 days | 10 Guests

  • Sydney
  • Port Douglas
  • Great Barrier Reef - Ribbon Reef #2 & 3
  • Great Barrier Reef - Ribbon Reef #9 & 10
  • Lizard Island
  • Wolgan Valley
  • Sydney
All Inclusive:
  • Superyacht Charter for up to 10 guests
  • Helicopter transfer
  • Private Air transfers - only where stated
  • All government land & air taxes
  • All accommodation
  • All tours and transfers
  • Dives
  • Top-of-the-line guides
  • Meals & Beverage - only where stated
  • Credit Card Fees of 1.8% - Cash discount available for wire transfers

Explore The Journey

Days 1 - 2 | Sydney

Fly independently to Sydney, the capital of New South Wales and one of Australia’s largest cities, best known for its harbourfront Sydney Opera House, with a distinctive sail-like design. Be greeted by our staff representative at the airport who will fast track you through border controls and then onwards to your private chauffeur. Enjoy a private airport transfer to the Crown Sydney. Rest and freshen up before setting out to explore in the afternoon. The ultimate way to kick start off your adventure of a lifetime.


Crown Sydney

With its flagship location in Barangaroo, Crown Sydney heralds a new dawn in effortless sophistication for Australia. From this enviable address, Crown Sydney is the city’s premier destination for guests seeking to stay, play and indulge in a world-class venue which sets new heights for service and style.

Take in the mesmerising panorama of the Sydney harbour from the outdoor pool and tennis court, bask in pure escapism at Crown Spa, and explore the many acclaimed restaurants and bars located within the resort. No matter what time you land, we will guarantee early check-in.


Kick Off Your Adventure in Sydney

Discover this cosmopolitan city framed by sandy beaches and majestic mountains. This is your chance to view Sydney intimately from many perspectives. Witness a sacred “Welcome to Country” inviting Aboriginal Custodians to watch over your travels across their lands.

Immerse yourself in the city’s history on a walking tour of Sydney’s colonial birthplace – the Rocks and retrace the lives of the prisoners, soldiers, and sailors who once washed ashore on this ancient land. End your evening at your leisure in Sydney’s newest precinct, Barangaroo, which offers a multitude of world-class dining experiences.


Discover Sydney's Landmarks from a Different Perspective

Following breakfast, head out for the thrill of a guided journey to the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and discover 360 degrees uninterrupted views of fresh perspectives on the city below. Enjoy your afternoon at your leisure.

This evening will take you on a very unique behind the scenes private tour of the UNESCO world heritage listed Sydney Opera House. Explore inside this remarkable architectural achievement and discover the captivating history of one of the world’s most iconic buildings. Your tour will end with a 3-course dinner held in one of the Opera House’s special rooms. Be prepared to be amazed!


Private Jet flight: 3 hours

Falcon 900

Day 3 | Port Douglas > St Crispins Reef

Your private jet takes you to the beautiful city of Cairns, the gateway to Queensland’s tropical north where spectacular reefs, ancient rainforests, and rich culture blend into one. Be greeted by our representative upon arrival and then board your private helicopter for a spectacular scenic flight to Port Douglas, the ideal base to explore the World Heritage listed Great Barrier Reef. The ultimate way to kick start off your adventure of a lifetime.

Your Superyacht Charter

Cruise Onboard M/Y Perle Bleue

PERLE BLEUE set new standards of luxury, style and design when she was recognised in the ShowBoats 2008 awards as the “best displacement yacht under 50m”, outshining many larger vessels in her class. PERLE BLEUE is renowned for her stunning interior décor, unique art, beautiful use of natural materials and her magnificent deck spaces (more generous than many larger yachts).

PERLE BLEUE ’s friendly, experienced crew will assist you in maximising the fun side of your holiday experience. The yacht carries an excellent array of toys and equipment for the enjoyment of guests of all ages and interests. Don’t forget to try the 51ft slide, the 3-person jet skis, paddle boards that double as windsurfers, or any number of other great options!

Welcome On Board!

Get introduced to M/Y Perle Bleue and Its Fabulous Crew

Upon your arrival at the marina, be met the Captain and introduced to the friendly crew of M/Y Perle Bleue. At your leisure you will be familiarised with M/Y Perle Bleue and her facilities and toys. Unwind with a welcome drink and treat M/Y Perle Bleue as your home away from home for your time on board.

We will depart the Marina and head to North East Undyne Sand Cay over lunch where your own personal beach club will be set up by your professional crew. The afternoon will be spent exploring the pristine Southern Reefs of Agincourt. The evening will see us anchored behind St Crispins Reef. Enjoy sunset drinks & canapés, and dinner will be served alfresco on the spacious aft deck in the quietness of the Great Barrier Reef.

Day 4 | St Crispins Reef > Ribbon Reef number 3

Today you will be cruising further North to the spectacular anchorage at Ribbon Reef Number 3. Along the way, you will visit the Northern Agincourt reefs and such world famous dive and snorkel sights as Steve’s Bommie and the Temple of Doom, both of these dive sites never fail to impress. At your convenience, your renown expert whale guide will schedule a private conference so he can share his knowledge about the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef and about the fascinating Dwarf Minke Whales. He will also prepare you with an in depth briefing on the guidelines related to your upcoming magical closeup encounters with these majestic 6-tonne mammals. Whether you are a snorkeler or scuba dive expert, that moment, when these gigantic creatures gently approach you and drift unhurriedly past, will create memories that will last forever.

The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park

Explore the Majestic Ribbon Reefs

The Ribbon Reefs are a stunning turquoise chain of 10 individual reefs starting to the north of Cairns and stretching close to 75 miles to the east of Lizard Island. They are found from 50 -100 km offshore, along the outer edge of the Great Barrier Reef. Relatively isolated, these reef formations support a huge range of biodiversity.

Indulge in warm and sheltered waters, with usually little current, that make the Ribbon Reefs a fantastic dive destination for divers and snorkelers of any experience level.

The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park

Venture Into The World's Best Dive Sites

Following a briefing with your expert guide, you’ll enjoy your first dive or snorkel at the world-famous dive site named ‘Steve’s bommie’: one of the best dive sites on the Great Barrier Reef.

Enjoy, incredible diversity and density of marine life, macro life clings to the bommie while large schools of fish, drawn to the structure, circle around it. Expect to see reef sharks, rays, schools of trevally, anemone fish, stone fish, nudibranchs, colourful corals and don’t forget to keep a look out for the Dwarf Minke whales.

Days 5 - 6 | Northern Ribbon Reefs number 9 & 10

For the next two days, we will explore the pristine sights around Ribbon Reefs 9 and 10. These are the crew’s personal favourites.  Sights such as Pixies wall, The Pinnacle, Lighthouse Bommie, and Cod Hole are all incredible dive and snorkelling sights. We’re deep in Minke Whale territory now so we’ll be vigilantly on the lookout for the majestic mammals.

The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park

Come Eye-to-Eye with the Dwarf Minke Whales

This morning will see us anchored off Ribbon reef number 9, home to the famous Lighthouse Bommie diving site. The bommie is fascinating to explore as it is decorated with pretty corals and home to a great variety of invertebrate species. For the divers and snorkelers, you have one of the lushest areas on the reef literally meters away.

Ribbon reef number 9 is also a popular playground for the ever curious Dwarf Minke Whales as they pass through the area on their southward migration. There is a good chance you will experience an eye to eye encounter with a whale or two! Warning–it is highly addictive fun!

The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park

Delight in the endemic Wild North of the Great Barrier Reef

Welcome to the magnificent Ribbon reef number 10 – home to the famed “Cod Hole” diving site. Another fantastic anchorage, with literally miles of open ocean and blue sky. This site is renown for its friendly, diver-sized Potato Cod, roaming these waters and waiting to welcome divers to the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef as you descend into the warm, blue waters.

Sharing and exploring the Great Barrier Reef with these gentle giants is an unforgettable experience. Whilst on the lookout for whales, expect them to swim straight up to your face and even as you swim away, the Potato Cod come with you, almost like your own personal Great Barrier Reef guides.

Day 7 | Northern Ribbon Reef number 10 > Lizard island

Take the opportunity to explore further Ribbon Reef number 10. Located on the northern end of the Great Barrier Reef, Cormorant Pass, now known as Code Hole, is one of the best known diving sites in the world. Named after the groups of huge – but friendly – potato cod that live there, this extraordinary site was discovered in 1971 and kept secret by internationally recognised underwater photographers Ron and Valerie Taylor.  The Taylors used their images and documentaries to fight successfully for legislation protecting the Potato Cod and to make Cod Hole a marine protection zone.

The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park

Sample the Wonders of Ribbon Reef number 10

Spend your morning, exploring Ribbon Reef number 10 – diving or snorkelling.  Alternatively, make use of Perle Bleue water sports equipment and toys or perhaps just relax onboard under the care of your Chief Stewardess – a chance to take in the glorious tropical surroundings and look for the breaching whales.

For those who are keen, why not try your luck at reef fishing? From the novice to experienced angler, take advantage of this opportunity and hone your skills in this amazing, diverse, bountiful region. With your Captain having years of experience running a global Sports fisher you are in very good hands.

The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park

Bask in the warmth of Lizard Island

As your lunch is being served, we will lift the anchor and cruise North to the beautiful Lizard Island. Alike Captain James Cook in 1770, we will anchor in the calm tranquil waters of Watson’s bay. We think the Jacuzzi could be a nice place to relax while taking in the scenery.

Welcome to Lizard Island! This afternoon paddle boarding, kayaking, fishing, diving, snorkelling, or even kite Boarding are on the menu – just do as you please. This evening, sit back with a cocktail, relax and enjoy the sunset as it makes its way beneath the horizon. Your special farewell Australian BBQ dinner under the stars is waiting to unfold.

Day 8 | Lizard island > Wolgan Valley

Lizard Island is Australia’s northernmost island resort. For the Dingaal Aboriginal people, traditional owners of Lizard Island, the island is known as Jiigurru. They have lived in this area for tens of thousands of years. As a result, the island is rich in cultural meaning and contain sacred sites including initiation, ceremonial and story sites. Today, the island is a protected National Park and an absolute tropical paradise, with just one exclusive resort, 24 ivory-white beaches to bask on, and fantastic diving and snorkelling opportunities. Goannas can be found almost everywhere, and were so common when James Cook first landed that it didn’t take him long to name the island after them. It is also home to an amazing array of birdlife and a fish sanctuary. The evening usually sees Spirit visited by the local nurse sharks and giant groupers who come to feed in the underwater lights during dinner.

The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park

Climb up Lizard Island’s Highest Peak

This early morning, lace up your runners, ready to get exploring. Start the day with a lovely guided walk on the Island that will provide you with a greater understanding and knowledge of the treasured natural wonders, history and eco-systems of Lizard Island.

For those eager and fit, take the opportunity to hike to the highest point of the island – Cook’s Look and take in the same panoramic view explorer James Cook did when searching for safe passage through the maze of coral reefs. After a delectable breakfast, it will be time to say goodbye to the crew and disembark the vessel for your private flight to Bathurst.

Private Jet flight: 3 hours / Helicopter flight to Wolgan Valley: 15 minutes

Lizard Island
Falcon 900
Wolgan Valley

Day 8-12 | Wolgan Valley

Upon arrival to the city of Bathurst on your private jet, board your private helicopter flight to Wolgan Valley. With an inspiring combination of imposing escarpments, luscious green valleys and curious native wildlife, the 7,000-acre wildlife reserve at Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley is waiting to be explored. Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley is located within the World Heritage-listed Greater Blue Mountains, on Australia’s Great Dividing Range between the Wollemi National Park and the Gardens of Stone National Park. The Wolgan Valley is approximately 16 miles long and 4.5 miles wide. To put things into perspective, the resort occupies just one percent of its own 2,800-hectare conservancy. Steep cliffs contrast with the gentle curve of the valley floor and a picturesque road winds along the river to reach the resort on the eastern end. Upon arrival, you’ll be immediately amazed by the sheer beauty and understand why this is such a special place.


One & Only Wolgan Valley

Wake up to the beauty of Wolgan Valley in your stylish Heritage Villa. Through floor-to-ceiling windows, take in the natural splendour of this conservation and wildlife reserve, nestled between Wollemi National Park and the Gardens of Stone National Park in the Greater Blue Mountains.

Resplendent in a mix of warm, natural woods, your villa’s polished floors extend out to the charming veranda, wrapping around your residence’s sandstone walls. Here, you can enjoy a dip in your own private seven metre-long pool or refresh your senses in your en suite bathroom where your rain shower and roomy tub await.


Soak In The Natural Beauty Of The Remarkable Blue Mountains

Embark on your own, once-in-a-lifetime adventures at Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley. Set free your inner explorer and go wild on a 4-wheel drive tour or atop one of the resort’s beautiful horses that will take you on a spectacular journey through the reserve, encountering native residents such as kangaroos, wallabies, possums, koalas and more.

Enjoy a quintessentially Australian bush experience with a private gourmet barbecue at the 1832 Heritage Homestead. Travel back in time with a colonial heritage tours and cultural experiences and discover the fascinating history of Australia’s early settlers and the challenges they faced.

Private Helicopter flight: 45 minutes

Wolgan Valley
Falcon 900

Day 12 | Wolgan Valley > Sydney

Today, enjoy a lazy morning and a delectable breakfast with stunning panoramic views of the valley. Enjoy a scenic flight back to Sydney onboard your private helicopter charter. En route, marvel at the chiselled sandstone escarpments and at the blue hazed Blue Mountains National Park before flying along the Parramatta River and over the spectacular Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House. Upon arrival, your private chauffeur will drive you to the airport for your flight home or to your hotel should you decide to extend your time in Sydney.



Price per person upon Request*

Dwarf Minke Whales Encounters is truly an all-inclusive package. This trip is completely customisable and the itinerary can be modified in any way to create a one-of-a-kind journey tailored just for you.

*Prices per person vary based on group size, selected yacht & aircrafts, dates and other customisations. Request a quote today so we can design your tailored private journey down to the most minute detail.

Why Us?

The Touring Treasures Experience

Touring Treasures is built on a strong philosophy of stepping out of the box to design a unique journey tailored to your personal tastes, interests and style of travel. We aren’t interested in just providing the trip of a lifetime – we want to provide the trip of YOUR lifetime, so our planning is meticulous. Our goal is to profoundly understand who you are so we can personalise every minute of every day, using our expert local knowledge, to match our destination secrets to your personality and lifestyle. If you can dream it, we can make it happen. The only limit is your imagination.

Seamlessly By Private Jet In The Medias

Hi Suzy, everything on our trip was amazing.  All of the ‘extra’ things you added were so helpful and necessary! Getting our flight connection to Queenstown was the trickiest part! So glad we had your greet service at the airport to help us!  I’m sorry I can’t remember her name but she was a Rockstar!  We would have never made our flight without her.  The weather was perfect for all of our adventures. The sky cleared for our helicopter trip and the rain came and went while we were in Milford sound.  Our yacht, M/Y Dreamtime, was spectacular.  It was just the luxurious stop we needed. Tom was just the dive master we needed.  He was great with our skill levels and helping us see as much as we could.  The boat was fabulous and the crew was amazing.  They made us feel right at home.  I couldn’t have asked for a better trip thanks to you and your connections!  Thank you for everything.

The G. family.

What an amazing and memorable vacation my family and I were fortunate to enjoy together thanks to you. Your planning and attention to details could not have been more perfect. Let me start with the personal meet and greet service just off the plane at the Sydney airport which was just exceptional, especially after a long flight, as we went through immigration and customs in record time feeling like celebrities. We particularly appreciated our guides who were so knowledgeable and friendly – the kids loved them. Our time on our superyacht Masteka II was amazing – thank you for the suggestion. The yacht is beautiful but we would not have enjoyed it so much without Captain Matt and his amazing crew who took so great care of us during the entire charter. Thank you so much!

The M. Family.

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