28.10.2010 New Zealand, North Island, South Island

Rugby World Cup Recycling Plans Released

The New Zealand government made it a point to announce its $2 million recycling program for Rugby World Cup (RWC) today. The plan was made to ensure that the RWC committee can host its 2011 New Zealand tournament in an environmentally responsible fashion.

Dr. Nick Smith, New Zealand’s Environmental Minister, stated that there will be 700 “love NZ” recycling stations posted all over regions where the matches will be held. Some those stations will be posted in places such as: fan areas, campsites, main streets, in the stadiums, bus/train terminals and everywhere else that the fans and players will be expected to be.

“The government is determined that in hosting the largest event in our history, we minimize the impacts on our environment,” Smith says. “We also want to ensure the visiting 85,000 rugby fans and 2,500 international media have an experience that matches our 100 percent pure brand.”

The program’s money will come from a $1.6 million waste minimization fund and a $440,000 fund via the Glass Packaging Forum. Smith said that he was hoping to talk various councils and industries into contributing as well so that he could add $1 million more to cover the cost adding more recycling areas. Smith also hopes that he can use the “Love NZ” recycling facilities to help change the global attitude about recycling and help make recycling at world events like the Rugby World Cup the norm. That is a tall order, but one that New Zealand is willing and more than able to take on, he says.

It is an effort that could very well set the worldwide standard in future RWC events. With at least 20 teams participating from all across Europe, the word about the recycling facilities in New Zealand is likely to spread and catch global interest. That being said, RWC is sure to be an exciting one this year to say the least. The best part is that the event will also be easy on the environment, which is something that we can all enjoy.

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