26.10.2010 Australia

Luxury Destinations-Oprah is Headed for Australia

The word is out: Oprah is planning to offer 300 audience members Australian vacation packages, including tours of the Great Barrier Reef.

Just about every Australian tour operator is vying for the chance to provide Oprah and her guests with his or her Australian vacation package in December. Oprah and 300 audience members all will get to spend eight exciting days testing and trying out all of the best that Australia has to offer, including gorgeous beaches, fabulous vineyards and shopping. Oprah also likely will be expecting to experience some of the best luxury travel packages since she wants to tour the world famous Sydney Harbour.

At the end of this tour, Oprah and her guests will be recording a session of her famous talk show. They will be doing this at the temporarily-renamed Sydney “Oprah” House, and some lucky locals will get to attend. Tourism Minister Martin Ferguson says he is happy about her visit and the boon it will provide to Australian tourism. Oprah will be expecting only the best luxury travel during her stay, and her choice of Australia is considered to be a “major endorsement.”

“To date, there have been expressions of interest from 3,000 product and service offerers,” Ferguson told members of the Australian parliament.

For all that Oprah’s visit can do for the locals, her 300 guests will be touring one of the most beautiful locales on the planet. Whatever Australian vacation package she chooses, these fortunate people will get the best experience of their lives. With so many Australian vacation packages to choose from and each one offering a special tour that guarantees them the experience of a lifetime, there will be no shortage of extremely happy visitors.

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