22.07.2010 New Zealand

For travelers eager to seek out a New Zealand tour package that offers fun, excitement and sportsmanship, one option is to take a tour that follows one of the nation’s major rugby football events or series. Rugby is one of the oldest forms of football, and modern American football owes a lot to Rugby as its predecessor. It’s an exciting and enjoyable sport, combining aggressive competition, constant action and an almost gentlemanly spirit among the players that is practically unique in the world of sports. For those eager to experience the diversity of New Zealand while appreciating this sport, a tour designed to follow one of the nation’s Rugby series is clearly the best choice.

As an example, one such series to consider is the Rebel Sport Super 14. A truly international competition, 14 teams from Australia, New Zealand and South Africa gather to play a series of grueling games in a championship tournament. While the championship game is played on the highest-ranked team’s home ground, the games leading up to the main event are played in the teams’ home nations.

A tour following the Super 14 might begin in Auckland, giving you a chance to stay at the many luxurious and affordable hotels in this cosmopolitan town. Then it’s off to Waiheke by a half-hour ferry, for a look at an artistic haven. Waiheke has a variety of attractions, including games, artists’ studios eager to display their works, some of New Zealand’s most exceptional vineyards and beaches that are a cherished and well-kept local secret. Other cities include Waitomo, with some amazing caves to explore, or the volcanic sights of Taupo.

Of course, this all illustrates just how diverse a good sports series vacation can be. Far from a rote series of visits to stadiums to watch games all day, it’s an opportunity to combine the entertainment of a game well played with a visit to numerous gorgeous cities that might otherwise remain undiscovered by those sticking to the more commonly-known touring destinations.


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