13.12.2010 New Zealand

New Zealand Luxury Travel - Superia Tours

If you are planning to take a guided luxury tour through New Zealand, Superia Tours offers you a luxury travel experience that is unsurpassed.

The multi-lingual tour guides are there to cater to your every need as you are chauffeured all over Rotorua through the Te Arawa Indigenous Trail. These customizable tours will stun and amaze you. The adventurous traveler will love taking the Te Arawa Indigenous trail tour because you will see sights that you can’t see any place else one earth… all while enjoying the best luxury travel experience available. Some of the excellent things to experience during this tour are:

  • Wai O Tapy Thermal Valley where you can see mud pools and geysers;
  • Lady Knox Geyser will let you actually watch a volcano erupt as there are daily eruptions here;
  • Waimangu Valley allows you to stroll at your leisure through some of the most interesting scenery that you will ever see;
  • Te Whakarewarewa Thermal Village;
  • Catch an authentic Maori Cultural performance;
  • Relax at Green Lake and Lake Terawera; and
  • Hike through a redwood forest.

This tour alone will make your luxury travel experience with Superia so action packed and exhilarating that you will never want to go home. At Superia, your chauffeur is also your tour guide as you travel in posh style. With various drivers to chose from, you’re definitely going to find the perfect driver to suit both your personality and your luxury travel needs.

When you are planning to take your New Zealand luxury vacation in Rotorua you can’t get a better luxury travel tour than Superia. They make sure that you are surrounded in superior elegance while driving, and these drivers know everything there is to know about the area. All that you have to do is chose the driver that suits you and the experience that you want to have in New Zealand and the rest is taken care of for you.

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