08.09.2010 Australia, Tasmania, Hobart

Luxury travel vacations frequently are taken as a chance to experience somewhere new, and the Australian city of Hobart in Tasmania delivers. It’s a location apart from the more traditional destinations of Sydney or Melbourne, with a vibrant culture unique unto itself. Opportunities abound to mix with the locals, enjoy sumptuous food and drink in the city’s many markets and take relaxing tours through one of the most important historic districts in all of Australia.

First there’s Salmanca Place, a waterfront town square of historic significance. Salmanca is home to The Markets, an arts and crafts clearinghouse held every Saturday for crafters of all stripes and professions. Beautiful home-grown art such as glass blowing and painting is on display for the discerning shopper to acquire and bring home as a memento of this gorgeous locale. High-class galleries and arthaus theaters display everything from traditional stage work to more experimental productions, offering entertainment and service for every taste of culture.

Then there’s Richmond and Kettering, home to some of the oldest sites in all of Tasmania. Australia’s oldest bridge is located here, as is its oldest jail cell. Tour guides and curators can talk about the long history of European settlers and the prison colony that Australia began as, sharing the dreamlike experience of living in a country so similar and yet so removed from the rest of the world.

Of course, what good is an enjoyable touring vacation without some of the most delicious food in the world? As an island state off an island nation, Tasmania of course specializes in magnificent seafood. The local oysters are boasted as some of the best in the world, and the Coal River Valley produces a unique wine culture that pairs up perfectly with the local cuisine. Visitors easily will find something to suit everyone’s taste as they explore the many bounties offered by the seaside in this gorgeous town.

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