28.09.2010 Australia, New South Wales, Sydney, Victoria, Melbourne

When it comes to planning a luxury travel tour, Australia is certainly overflowing with options. Home to outstanding scenery and vistas that can’t be had anywhere else in the world, the country is perfect for seeking out every sort of terrain on Earth to explore from the seat of a luxuriantly comfortable vehicle. A favorite tour for fans of sea and coastline is the Sydney to Melbourne Coastal road trip, a week-long excursion traveling around the country’s southeastern quarter.

The seven-day journey takes travelers from some of Australia’s more famous cities to places that may not leap to the traveler’s mind and yet are worth the trip all the same. The week begins in Sydney, home of the famous opera house, leading on to Norwa and its famous local pub culture. Day two heads for Bateman’s Bay, home to riverside cruises and delicious oysters. Then it’s off to the aptly-named paradise of Eden, where visitors can engage in whale-watching as the evening draws to a close. The fourth day ends among the mountains of Bairnsdale, in the fresh high air. Wilson’s Promontory and Phillip Island lay between, offering unique insights into the local animal life. Finally, there’s the metropolis of Melbourne, with a bustling nightlife and friends to share the story of your travels with.

Along the way, of course, there are landmarks and experiences aplenty, but the iconic view and portion of the trip is without a doubt the Sea Cliff Bridge. Hugging the coastline south of Sydney, the bridge stands an impressive 665 feet in the air — at a full quarter-mile over the ocean below, it is a feat of human engineering that is awe-inspiring to see. After traveling this soaring bridge, many visitors take the time to have a picnic on the beaches and admire the path they just traversed, a metaphor for the rest of the exciting journey ahead.

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