07.07.2010 Australia, New South Wales

One of the open secrets of the Sydney area, the South Coast of Australia is an excellent choice for a luxury travel tour. Possessing magnificent beaches, scenic highlands, and a truly multicultural architecture, this luxurious haven provides a magnificent destination for those eager to add a bit of exploration to their relaxing itinerary.

There is for example the aptly named Seven Mile Beach, a treasure of the coastal area. In addition to Australia’s deserved legendary beach conditions for relaxing, surfing, swimming, and sunbathing, the area is home to a variety of interests both ecological and historical. For example, the beach was used in 1933 as the runway for the first commercial flight to New Zealand. Additionally, the rivers of the area have a rare littoral (river based) rainforest that is home to some unique and amazing wildlife.

Along the beach can also be found the Kiama blowholes. Fed through caves by the ocean, these blowholes can spray water incredibly high, delighting and even drenching guests and observers. The bigger of the two, which is popularly ‘the’ Kiama blowhole, can gush water up to 25 feet high under the right sea conditions. The little blowhole, while it isn’t always as dramatic as its larger cousin, can however achieve a more reliable schedule. Both are justifiably compared to Old Faithful in the USA’s Yellowstone Park.

For fans of human culture and achievements, the Nan Tien temple in the suburb of Berkeley is a must. It is one of the largest such temples in the southern hemisphere, and part of a worldwide tradition known as Humanist Buddhism. Unlike the more austere, monastic temples one might find in mainland Asia (which are of course not without their charms), Nan Tien has a colorful, artistic presentation combining paintings, tapestries, statues and lush carpeting that is sure to delight the eyes of visitors of all persuasions.


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