02.12.2010 New Zealand, South Island, Queenstown

Luxury Travel Company - Ride Limousines South

As if taking a spectacular New Zealand luxury vacation wasn’t enough to give you an unforgettable lifetime experience, Limousines South is there to take you all around Queenstown in state-of-the-art style.

Limousines South is a luxury travel company that offers you the best luxury travel for your money. Based in Queenstown, this travel service takes full advantage of their fleet of limousine sedans, luxury people-movers and small tour coaches so that they can ensure that you will get where you want to go surrounded by informed guides that can answer almost any question that you may have.

It doesn’t matter where travelers want to go as they begin their travels in New Zealand because most travelers prefer to make Queenstown their home base. That is why this premiere luxury travel company set up shop in this amazing little hotspot. Set high in the Southern Alps, Queenstown is world-famous and viewed by the rest of the world as the country’s scenic gem. Appropriately, there are a lot of tourist activities available here that you can’t get any place else in the world.

Some of the services that you can expect to receive from Limousines South are:

  • Airport and hotel transfers to ensure that you reach your accommodations in style;
  • Customized full- and half-day scenic tours complete with a guide to give you information on the region that you are visiting;
  • Customized South Island tours to guide you through the snow-capped mountain view of the region;
  • Foreign language drivers to help those travelers that don’t speak English; and
  • Tours around Queenstown that are fully-guided and with scenery that you will not see anywhere else.

There is a reason why Limousines South is considered by many to be the best luxury travel service in Queenstown. With unsurpassed quality and a fully-knowledgeable staff to fulfill your every whim, why would you need to go to any other luxury travel company?

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