12.08.2010 Australia, Victoria, Great Ocean Road

A good luxury adventure vacation always includes a great path to travel, and Australia’s Great Ocean Road is a destination sure to delight and amaze. Stretching along the southwest coast of Victoria province, the Great Ocean Road is a combination of delightful natural beauty and exquisite luxury accommodations that are bound to capture the imagination comfort the body and fill the mind with stories to share once a traveler returns home.

Appropriately named, the Great Ocean Road extends along hundreds of miles of beautiful Australian coast. Visitors can behold the massive, freestanding limestone crags called the Twelve Apostles, marveling at how they rise high from the water. Travelers can find peaceful beaches to relax beside, or tempestuous ones to enjoy the excitement of surfing or parasailing. Whatever someone enjoys at the beach, Victoria’s coast will have it alongside the Ocean Road.

Further, there is an abundance of Australia’s signature wildlife to be seen while traveling the road. The city of Anglesea boasts that kangaroos often feed near its beautiful golf courses, and platypuses will often swim alongside canoe travelers on the rivers near the sea. Those with a love of nature and animals will be delighted by the captivating variety of living creatures that seem entirely eager to share the world of humans along the Ocean Road.

The luxury half of a luxury adventure is often rooted in the quality of the dining experience, and Victoria is no exception to this happy rule of thumb. Wharfs in Apollo Bay abound with delicious seafood unique to this corner of the world. Farms a little further inland abound with delicious regional berries, and the local wineries specialize in unique, cool-weather grapes that give Australian wine its signature flavor compared to those north of the hemisphere.

Extraordinary views, spectacular food and close-hand wildlife — all this awaits those who want to combine their relaxing and restorative stay with a bit of excitement and adventure along Victoria’s Great Ocean Road.


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