06.12.2010 New Zealand, North Island, Coromandel

Luxury Adventure Travel - Kiwi Dundee Adventures

When most people think of New Zealand luxury vacations, they immediately think of snow-capped Alps and icy mountainsides. While these can be seen in Queenstown and North Island, Kiwi Dundee Adventures offers luxury travelers a different side of the real New Zealand that is rich in forestry and coastal wonders.

From the moment that you arrive in the Coromandel Peninsula, you will see that South Island and Queenstown is a virtual paradise of native forests, breathtaking mountains and tranquil national parks that offers travelers the chance to see horticulture and farming at its richest. This is where you can find glowworms along with the friendliest people that you can meet. When Kiwi Dundee is your guide through all of this, you know that your journey will be unforgettable.

There are different tours and activities to suit your every need, along with professional staff to satisfy your every whim. Adventurers can choose from one- to three-day tours that will travel through the North Island Highlights. You can go hiking on the mountains if you’re hard core, or you can just stroll at your own leisurely pace so that you have time to truly take in the wonders all around you.

Should you prefer to take an educational tour so that you can learn all about the history and culture of the area, Kiwi Dundee also has a tour perfect for you. The educational tour is wonderful for the New Zealand luxury vacation traveler and hobbyists such as bird watchers, gardeners, horticulturists and photographers who are looking to expand their knowledge while viewing some of the species that are indigenous to New Zealand.

This is one luxury travel company that truly keeps the traveler in mind. Kiwi Dundee adventures are designed to be the best in luxury travel. The landscape is not only rich in beauty but informative. When you leave any of these tours, you can rest assured that you will have a story to tell that will be unmatched by any you’ve heard. I guarantee that you’ve never seen North Island and Queenstown like this before!

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