04.11.2010 Australia, South Australia, Kangaroo Island

Experience All That is Exceptional About Exceptional Kangaroo IslandKangaroo Island, part of a larger island off the coast of south Australia, is host to some of the most beautiful wildlife in the world. This is where the land down under is at its most spectacular and will be a memorable part of your authentic Australian luxury vacation.

Kangaroo Island has its own national park and conservation reserves that take up at least a third of the entire island. Biologists have come to refer to Kangaroo Island as “the closest to what temperate Australia was like at the time of European settlement.” That is something special and is great if you prefer to spend to your Australian luxury vacation seeing some of the land’s most revered animals, including sea lions, fur seals, endemic kangaroos, wallabies, koalas, echidnas, platypus, goannas, up to 255 bird species, possums, bandicoots and whales.

If you enjoy seeing the sights of the local wildlife this Australian vacation package is the one for you. You can combine your taste for observing local wildlife with an exquisite dining experience that’s fresh off the barbie. Kangaroo Island offers the region’s best foods and produce that will truly tempt your taste buds. The landscape is unsurpassed and you will be treated to a true nature experience.

You can spend your Australian luxury vacation exploring the wilderness or you can enjoy their food safari tour. This tour allows you to sample the food, spices and wines that make this region so special. Your complete dining extravaganza at Kangaroo Island is complimented when you taste wines from the vineyards. You will never have a wildlife experience quite like this one ever again.

Kangaroo Island’s luxury travel vehicle will make your journey feel seamless while the surrounding view takes your breath away. The animal lover in you will be glad that you took this tour of exceptional Kangaroo Island. Some of the wildlife that you can see are indigenous to the region — you simply can’t find these animals anywhere else on earth.


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