15.01.2015 Australia, Victoria, Melbourne

Melbourne is a wonderful destination for any Australia travel vacation. Home to a variety of cultural experiences, it makes a choice spot to visit for romantic couples, solo travelers interested in a bit of luxury, or families eager to see the world together. Every vacationer can find something to do amid the myriad shops, museums and restaurants of Victoria’s crown city.

Fans of performances can experience the beautiful music of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra to satisfy their musical longings, or they can enjoy one of the exciting dramatic productions put on by the Melbourne Theatre Company if acting is more to their taste. The city also has a fine reputation for artistic expression that is celebrated throughout the streets. Murals and art installations are to be found in every part of the city, and many artists are proud to call Melbourne the home of their private galleries. Guests are welcome to browse and simply take in the art, purchase a favorite item, or even commission a personal treasure to remember their trip to Melbourne.

For those with a taste for history, the Melbourne Museum and the City Museum offer insights into the legacies of Australia as a whole and Melbourne in particular. Aboriginal and immigrant culture alike are explored and laid out in fascinating detail for the curious. Those eager to complete the experience can also schedule a trip on an aboriginal heritage walk through the city’s spectacular botanical gardens before a picnic in the park.

Capping off this cultural extravaganza are the city’s three most popular festivals, held at different times through the year. There is the Jazz Festival, where this spectacular and soulful music is put on in the best of Australian fashion. September boasts the International Arts Festival, and April sets the city laughing with the International Comedy Festival.

So whether you love to laugh aloud, applaud for joy at an expert performance or simply experience the quiet enjoyment of learning of another culture, come to Melbourne for an experience like no other.

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