12.07.2010 Australia, New South Wales, Sydney

For those people looking for a true, Australia luxury vacation, the proper destination for their visit is of vital importance. The activities one gets up to are essential, but having a comfortable place to come to each night, a proper home away from home, makes the entire experience into something more than a visit and into an actual vacation. As such, we’re happy to bring your attention to one of our best recommendations, Shangri La Sydney.

A luxury hotel in every sense of the word, Shangri La Sydney strikes the perfect balance between accessibility and decadence for the discerning traveler. Located between the legendary Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge, the hotel’s more than 500 rooms provide commanding and breathtaking views of the city.

The accommodations are splendid and varied, offering something to guests of every taste and desire. All rooms and suites have the basic amenities like broadband Internet access and television, so guests can keep abreast of world events or simply stay in touch with family and friends to share the delightful experience. The higher-end suites up the experience by degrees, including such amenities as panoramic views of the harbor area, personal concierge service and even suit-pressing services for travel-ruffled arrivals.

The non-lodging amenities are equally up to the task of a spectacular vacation experience. A delightful cafe is present for casual dining, a place for couples to experience a private relaxing afternoon or for the curious to meet and mingle with other guests as they wish. Dinner accommodations include options ranging from traditional to vegetarian, and the hotel even has a restaurant with an entire floor on level 36.

Of course, no hotel can truly brag of a luxury experience without offering comforting amenities beyond the rooms and food. Shangri La Sydney boasts an exceptional health and leisure system, with a fully-equipped gymnasium, Jacuzzi and the hotel-exclusive spa, CHI. Whether you’re looking for a massage or a workout, CHI and the gym have options for everyone.

So for those looking to take in the comforts and luxuries of Sydney, this hotel can truly boast of being a city of gold and a Shangri La for travelers.


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