01.09.2010 Australia, Northern Territory

Fishing is a longstanding part of Australia luxury vacation traditions. For enthusiasts who travel to Australia for a chance to fish, some of the best experiences can be had at the Barra build-up in the Northern Territory. The ideal timeframe for these events is between October and December, which is the season just before the monsoons come in. This build-up of weather patterns drives some amazing catches to the Northern Territory, and provides an unforgettable location for a truly magnificent experience.

Although some might perceive a slight disconnect between fishing and luxury, a bit of imagination can show the combination’s appeal to just about anyone. Fishing is an enjoyable activity — whether one catches a big fish or not. Just lying back on the boat, enjoying the sight of the water and the shoreline, and taking in the sun is all incredibly relaxing. This relaxed atmosphere also allows for moments of excitement, and when a fisherman does land a good catch, it’s all the more exciting and delightful.

There are several favored locations that are available for people with all manner of time commitments. Three-day tours are popular on the Mary River system, which offers high- and low-tide fishing alike, each a unique experience. Arnhem Land offers the chance to stay at a fishing-specific lodge to meet with fellow newcomers and veterans alike, followed by Barra fishing out on the ocean itself. Darwin Harbour is home to a number of experienced captains available for charter, and crews often are on hand to take care of cleaning and preparing the fish caught. There are even tournaments open to vacationers as well as locals, providing an element of competition and excitement.

Barra fishing is an enjoyable activity that can be suited to any energy level. Whether you think true luxury is the chance to glide and relax along the shores and snag the occasional catch, or to put yourself in vigorous contest with fellow enthusiasts and then return exhausted to delightful accommodations, the Barra build-up in the northern territories is the perfect time to grab your rod and experience the tides.


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