08.10.2010 Australia, Queensland, Cairns

For those looking to experience an all-inclusive Australian vacation, Bloomfield Lodge offers a supreme luxury vacation package designed to take your breath away.

The moment that you arrive at the VIP lounge in Australia, you will board a private flight that will whisk you from Cairns. This scenic tour will take you up the Queensland Coastline and over some of the most spectacular sights you will ever see. Bloomfield Lodge is one of the most opulent hotels in Australia. It is ideal for the explorer who will accept nothing but the best during his or her stay.

Bloomfield Lodge offers the most exclusive accommodations in far north Queensland, regardless of whether you want to go sight seeing or if you just want a place to relax. The unobtrusive staff guarantees your privacy and relaxation. You can gaze outside of your window and see the exquisite Daintree Rain Forest as you work or read a book. Plus the magic of the Great Barrier Reef is just across the bay.

Should you want to enjoy a tour, Bloomfield Lodge offers private vehicles and boat transfers to guide you through the rain forest or just cruise the Bloomfield River. And, of course, the lodge offers gourmet food served al fresco. You can partake in some of the region’s most fancied meals or you can have a catered meal designed to suit any craving that you can come up with, including one for legendary Australian BBQ.

With a maximum of 36 guests at any given time, you know that your visit at Bloomfield Lodge will not be plagued with interruptions. This vacation package offers you the true luxury of its peaceful surroundings… all while your consummate explorer side can satisfy his appetite by snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef. You cannot experience the extreme beauty and true excitement of Australia without trying Bloomfield Lodge’s all-inclusive Australian vacation package. Your pleasure is guaranteed and your relaxation is a given. You don’t want to miss out on this wonderful experience.

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