18.08.2010 Australia, South Australia

In Australia, adventure vacation is one of the most revisited themes for a new traveler to this South Pacific country. There are delights and exotic occurrences in abundance to explore, with many locations waiting to be discovered all over again. One particularly exciting adventure is the South Australian Loop, a driving circuit between Adelaide and Kangaroo Island.

Unlike more fixed tours, the Loop is one that can be approached in several ways. Some tourists want to experience it all as fast as possible, and the trip can be reasonably completed in 8 days to satisfy this energetic spirit. On the other hand, if a traveler wants to take in the sights for a longer period, perhaps in the cab of a luxury automobile, it can easily be drawn out to a good two weeks, with extra time at each of the destinations.

Any attempt to list all the destinations along the Loop would require a book to handle, but there are some choice places that simply must be paid attention along the way. The starting point of Adelaide is a treasure of a town, for example, with sights ranging from museums to Wine Master classes. In the Barossa Valley, the town of Auburn offers a number of small eateries and cafes for light and delicious food on the go. Cape Jervis offers some of the most exciting and least bustling views and beaches on the sea that can be found to a knowing traveler — and these aren’t even half the sights to be had.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the journey is its ending, for rather than simply coming to an abrupt stop, the Loop is famous for allowing travelers to relax their way into the end of things. After a stopover to explore the beautiful Kangaroo Island, Loopers can catch a ride aboard a comfortable and luxurious ferry back to Adelaide, enjoying the sights on the water as the evening draws to a beautiful sunset close.

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