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Taste Your Way Through These Epicurean Experiences

3rd November 2018 Christina Valhouli On Iconic Life


There may be no better way to explore a new destination than through food. And when you book one of these local culinary tours, you’ve got a sure recipe for adventure. Whether you’d like to sample something sweet or savory, these luxury food tours promise something for everyone.

When in Maine, feasting on lobster and whoopie pie is a must—in the same way you cannot travel to New Orleans without tasting beignets or skip indulging in some poutine while in Montreal. For many, the best part of traveling is the food. Eating your way through a destination and sampling new ingredients and flavors helps give a better understanding of place and culture, not to mention tradition. But if you want to dive deeper than just ticking off Michelin-starred restaurants, consider a culinary-themed trip. These hotels and tour companies offer much more than just a visit to a local market and cooking demonstration. These tours take guests on a deep dive into the history and culture of food in a hands-on, authentic way—all in style.



Does life get any better than slurping oysters and sipping sparkling wine? It does if you do it knee-deep in an oyster farm. Australian-based Touring Treasures offers the chance to learn how to raise, farm, and collect oysters at Freycinet Marine Oyster Farm in Tasmania.



An agricultural lesson is followed by feasting on fresh oysters and local Australian wine while standing in the waters of the farm—in waders of course. Check into the five-star Saffire Freycinet in the Freycinet Peninsula region.


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