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– A high level of in-depth product knowledge enables us to produce extremely detailed and creative itineraries.
– Great significance is put into the thought process in the preparation stages culminating with a meticulously planned itinerary to match travel profiles.
– We pride ourselves on our individuality, there are no cutting corners and no copies, as each itinerary is individually customized for every single client.
– We recognize the values and lifestyle of each client and consider these when planning. Things such as health, religion, special interests and allergies play an essential role in the choice of hotels, tour guides and destinations, and the pace at which they travel.
– Little things can have the biggest effect, so we pay attention to our clients interests, quirks, likes and dislikes and include them into the travel plan.
– The old cliché of quality and not quantity has never been truer when it comes to Touring Treasures. We take great care in the quality of our work, so we take the necessary time needed to get it right.